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GHOST SATELLITE - 63 Orchard Street, NYC

Opening Reception: Friday, June 22nd 7 -11pm

Curated By: Stephan Alexander

The Box Performances Saturday, June 23rd & Sunday, June 24th 6-8pm

NEW YORK CITY - The suggestive objects that make up Andrew Clark’s “Prone”, explore the fallacy of gender roles and masculinity. Androgynous forms mimic the human anatomy and grapple with the conflict of the artist’s own identity; a cutting but clean confrontation of the sexual body, queerness and erotic ambiguity. “Prone” is made up of 16 works employing glass, steel, wax, wood, rubber, fiber, video and performance. For his performance, aptly entitled “The Box”, Clark stands naked in a 4ft by 8ft wooden box at the center of the glossy red gallery room. The box has two arm holes at the front and four peepholes around the back and two sides - all with a different perspective into his world. The works are presented on metal and wax stands, also sculpted by the artist, and are positioned around the perimeter of the room. The show opens on June 22nd at Ghost Satellite on Manhattan’s Lower East Side and runs through July 19th. Performances on Saturday, June 23rd and Sunday, June 24th from 6-8pm.

About The Artist

Andrew Clark (b. 1994, Philadelphia) is a sculptor and performance artist living and working in Philadelphia. His works explore the fallacy of gender roles and masculinity, using the eroticism of material to confront the sexual body and examine queer identity. Clark earned his B.F.A. in Craft and Material Studies at Philadelphia’s University of The Arts in Spring, 2018.

The Box

Two arm sized holes at the front of a 4ft by 8ft box invite The Voyeur to approach, insert their arms and feel what’s inside. As they put their arms into the holes, their hands pass through latex sleeves and into a pair of gloves. After feeling inside, The Voyeur moves to the right side of The Box, peering into the the first of four peepholes. At the back of The Box, The Voyeur is compelled to drop to their hands and knees and peer through another peephole set closer to the floor, through which they can faintly make out the contents of The Box. The Voyeur again moves, this time to the last side of the box, to peer through the final two peepholes. 

Faggy Boy

“Faggy Boy” is a video based on an experience that the artist had at the age of twelve. While vacationing with his father in New Jersey, Clark asked if he could buy a ring from a jewelry vendor on the boardwalk. His father responded with “What, are you a faggy boy?” This video interprets masculinity and illustrates the way society attempts to shove it’s archaic ideals down our throats.

About GHOST Satellite

GHOST Satellite is a pop-up space by Brooklyn based Ghost Gallery, located at 63 Orchard Street in Manhattan. The gallery’s program focuses on emerging artists and provides an open platform for new ideas.

Press Contact: Stephan Alexander / / 347.620.6571