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NEW YORK CITY - Ghost Gallery is pleased to present “Soft Flex”, a solo exhibition by Tampa based artist Gina Stucchio, curated by the gallery’s director, Stephan Alexander. There will be an opening reception on July 5th from 7-10pm with a performance by the artist.

From birth Stucchio was immersed in bodybuilding culture. Her mother was a bodybuilder, and the young artist was surrounded by people who were constantly changing their bodies in unnatural ways. She became obsessed with the human form, employing different media to explore her ideas.

Vaguely human, but a stretch from defined human form, the objects Stucchio creates challenge the viewer’s awareness of their own bodies and the bodies around them. Her sculptures open a conversation about less glamorous features of the body such as fat, rolls and body hair - all natural parts of the human form that have been deemed by the general public as undesirable or ugly.

“Soft Flex” is comprised of 17 sculptural works, the majority of which are made of ceramic and human hair. Her untitled performance piece will start at 8pm.

About The Artist

Gina Stucchio (b. 1992, Brooksville, FL) graduated from the University South Florida with her BFA in May, 2017 and will start Graduate School for her MFA this August at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.



GHOST is a Brooklyn based gallery, located at 893 Bergen Street #7. The gallery’s program focuses on emerging artists and provides an open platform for new ideas.