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New York based GHOST Gallery, known for its impressive history of identifying and promoting young and emerging artists, makes its debut in downtown Los Angeles on Sept. 28, 2019 at 6pm, with an inaugural show featuring Brazilian phenom Samuel de Saboia. The show, UnAmerican Beauty, will be the first of many exhibitions showcasing prominent young artists.

“I’m incredibly excited to work with Samuel on the first exhibition at GHOST Los Angeles. This will be our second show together,” says Stephan Alexander, director of GHOST Gallery. “The show in Brooklyn, ‘Belas Feridas,’ was a massive success—likely the most emotionally-charged show that has happened at GHOST Gallery.”


De Saboia returns to Los Angeles for the opening of GHOST Gallery, immediately after completing his first museum exhibition, alongside works by the late Louise Bourgeois, at Fundação Marcos Amaro (FAMA) in Brazil earlier this month. UnAmerican Beauty at GHOST explores themes of displacement and belonging. The work imagines a utopia for the names, bodies, and souls which blur borders of nation and gender. In abstract guttural brushstrokes, de Saboia investigates questions of access: Who’s allowed to belong? Who gets to be a real American? 

GHOST will build upon the traditional exhibition model by partnering with a new arts initiative, Art World Escape (AWE), where artists design experiences to give patrons access to creative process. For an exclusive preview of the show, AWE is organizing an experience with de Saboia to enable guests to explore their ancestry and see the beauty of it. 

“With so much discussion about borders and walls,” says de Saboia, “what we don’t focus on enough are the richness of places and identities beyond borders.”


UnAmerican Beauty opens Saturday, Sept. 28 and runs through Saturday, Oct. 5. The opening reception starts at 6pm and is free and open to the public. Special experiences led by the artist will bookend the show on Friday, Sept. 27 and Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Photo courtesy of Louise Reinke

Photo courtesy of Louise Reinke

Samuel de Saboia’s art reimagines living beings as androgynous and pendulous creatures between two worlds. Born in Totó’s neighborhood of Recife, Brazil, de Saboia, 21, held his first U.S. solo exhibition last year at the GHOST Gallery in New York. He began his career at 15 in  a collective exhibition at Casarão venue in Recife. Since then he has held several exhibitions around the world, including CCSP (São Paulo, 2017), Space 776 (New York City, 2018), and Emma Thomas Gallery (São Paulo, 2019). De Saboia was also commissioned to create a solo installation in Paris for the non-binary Haute-couture boutique L’Insane (2019). He had his first individual museum show at Fundação Marcos Amaro / FAMA this September.


GHOST is a contemporary art gallery with locations in Brooklyn and Downtown Los Angeles. The focus of the gallery is to aide in the development of emerging artists and to provide an open platform for new ideas. 


Art World Escape (AWE) is a mobile platform that connects patrons to artists they love to experience an artist’s creative process. The mission is to steer the Art World away from commodification, and reassign value to the concept, inspirations, and stories behind the final art product. AWE has projects in Honolulu, NYC, and LA.

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