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GHOST is pleased to present “SHELF LIFE” the first solo exhibition of New York based photographer Agustin Hernandez, whose surrealist photography captures a modern youth with a decadent and deliberate color signature. While the images are rich aesthetically, they are filled with deep symbolism, love and dark humor. The exhibition will open on August 25th at GHOST Satellite located at 63 Orchard Street in New York City. The opening reception will start at 7pm and close at 10pm. The show is curated by the gallery’s director, Stephan Alexander.


Rather than employing the traditional 2D approach to presenting photographic works, the exhibition will be displayed in a fully immersive installation within the walls of the gallery. In his images, shrink-wrapped foam trays feature the feet and heads of black-skinned Silky Chickens on beds of pink roses. A striking woman, face painted like the cosmos, straddles a vintage BMW motorcycle wearing a tailored leather shirt, leather blazer and leather pants. Intricate still lifes, far from conventional, display lobster shells, potpourri, decadent jewels and uprooted flowers. Agustin’s photographs are eerie and beautifully surreal, depicting plants and people with the same dark reverence. His human subjects are often shown in nature or domestic settings, poised as dreamworld nymphs stunned by his flash.


About The Artist:
Agustin Hernandnez (b. 1989, Hillsboro, Oregon) is a self taught photographer and artist living and working in New York City. He has been featured in publications such as VICE, i-D and Hunger Magazine. Find more of his work at

About The Gallery:
GHOST Satellite is a pop-up space by Brooklyn based GHOST Gallery, located at 63 Orchard Street in Manhattan. The gallery’s program focuses on emerging artists and provides an open platform for new ideas.